Our mission at Shootrite Firearms Academy is to provide instruction in the use of firearms for personal combat. For the armed citizen Shootrite develops the mental and physical skills to defend self and family, whether it's through avoidance and escape or the actual act of fighting. Armed professionals are pushed to cultivate the techniques and tactics needed to dominate the violent encounters that are part of their job. Shootrite's priorities are safety, developing effective fighting skills, and creating the mindset and confidence required for victory in violent situations.

In the trying times of today it is rare to meet someone of youth who professes to be and is of a true warrior's mindset. I am aware of Tiger McKee as a student, adjunct instructor for Thunder Ranch, and fellow teacher of firearms and tactics. We have stood on range decks together and we have talked of and applied tactics and techniques that will serve and hopefully save our students and clients in potential times of conflict.

Tiger is a young man in years, but yet wise in experience ... he has never been a police officer, he has never been a military man ... yet he has a firm grasp of these fields of endeavor. In my opinion he is not required to have done these things to teach and teach well in his personal chosen field of being a teacher of firearms and tactics.

Yes he is in fact my friend ... but most of all on his own merit he is a teacher of firearms and tactics. I support and endorse him in his work at Shootrite.

Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch, Inc., Oregon

Group courses are scheduled throughout the year at our range facility and at various off-site locations. If you are interested in hosting a class please contact us for the details of the process. SHOOTRITE also offers private tutorials for individuals or small groups. See Schedule page for dates and pricing. The schedule is constantly being updated as courses are added so recheck it occasionally for revisions.

Our location in Langston, AL is near Guntersville Lake, which is a beautiful area and the perfect place to bring the family for a vacation while you train. (See our Links page for more info on the Guntersville area.)

If you have questions please contact us. The best way to communicate is normally by email. If you phone you may have to leave a message, since during business hours we are normally on the range, but we will return your call as soon as possible.