Handgun Courses

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Defensive Handgun
This class covers the basics of handgun use. Students begin with safety and gunhandling, combative marksmanship, and the threat response including shooter movement. Particular attention is paid to the combative mind-set, including environmental awareness and avoidance, and the mental skills required to use the pistol in a defensive encounter. (This is not a beginners course. NRA First Steps or equivalent experience required.)
(14 hours, 600 rds)
Handgun Tactics
This course picks up where Defensive Handgun leaves off. After a quick review of the basics the student's skills are refined with intensive drills that include movement, the use of cover, and Low-light operations. This course focuses on the mental and physical skills required for combative engagements, of which shooting is a small part. (Defensive Handgun or equivalent required.)
)24 hours, 1400 rds)
Combative Handgun
This third handgun course includes various drills that apply skills to realistic conditions including low-light operations. To increase realism students face reactive and moving targets. This course also includes evolutions on close quarters battle skills, ground fighting, and retention techniques.
(24 hours, 1400 rds)
This class is an intensive study of revolver use for self defensive or combative situations. (.38 Special or larger caliber required.)
(14 hours, 600 rds)

Concealed Carry
Designed for concealed weapons permit holders and use of the pistol in defensive encounters. This class is basically the same as Defensive Handgun, only with everything done from concealment.
(14 Hours, 600 rds)