Precision Rifle Courses

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Precision Rifle
An introductory class for the bolt action or semi-auto rifle equipped with optics. Class covers shooting positions, weapon manipulation, and drills stressing various tactics and skills required for field use of the precision rifle. Ranges are within 100 yds which is typical for hunting or LE application.
(16 hr 300 rds)
Urban Precision Rifle
This advanced class covers application of the scoped rifle for urban environments, but the same skills apply to hunting or self-defense. Various stress drills include improvised firing positions, the use of cover, and movement in urban and rural environments. Again ranges are 100 yds and within. This is a mentally and physically demanding class. (Prior instruction required.)
(26 hr 500 rds)
Urban Precision Rifle II-Low Light
Drills include moving and multiple targets, and failing and low-light firing drills. This is not a class where you will lay in prone and shoot little groups; this class focuses on developing skills required for actual field conditions. (Prior instruction required.)
(26 hr 500 rds)