Speciality Courses

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Handgun/Carbine Combatives
This class develops the skills needed to blend the the pistol, carbine, and your mind into one seamless package. HG/Car is ideal for anyone who carries both weapons, and is one of our most most popular classes. (Defensive Handgun and Carbine required to participate in this class.)
(24 hrs, 800 rds each weapon)
Team Tactics
This class focuses on tactics for two man teams. It's an ideal course for husband/wife or patrol officers. Includes sections on movement, communication, and the use of cover. This course can be run with pistol or carbines. (Defensive Handgun or Carbine or equivalent required.)
(14 hours, 800 rds)
Vehicle Defense
The basic concepts of defensive driving skills such as avoidance and awareness, plus techniques needed to fight from and around a vehicle. This is an ideal class for graduates of Team Tactics. Students use their personal vehicles during range drills. (Defensive Handgun or equivalent required.)
(7 hours, 300 rds)
The fundamental concepts of working in wooded environments. The focus is on techniques for moving in woods, and the introduction of basic tracking technique and theory for various type ground cover. This is not a firearms class, and there is no shooting.
(18 Hours, No Ammo.)
Private Instruction
Private courses can be setup for individuals or small groups, and with content geared towards your specific needs. Private tutorials are your best value for your time and money since we focus on your needs, and progress at your speed. You are renting the entire range and Tiger's time for yourself. Call for additional information and scheduling.